Council for Minority Student Affairs   

The Council for Minority Student Affairs is the only student organization at Texas A&M University that openly advocates for the rights of undocumented students. We educate the community about various topics such as the Dream Act, Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), higher education, and financial aid for undocumented students. CMSA is a fully inclusive organization. Come and join! :)



Find us at cmsatamu.wix/dreams!

You can also follow us on Facebook!

And like us on Instagram and Twitter: CMSAAgs



Latino and Mexican American Studies 

CMSA made Aggie History alongside other student organizations as it pushed for the creation of a Latino and Mexican American Studies minor! We would like to thank Dr. Felipe Hinojosa from the History Department who gave talks about how the  minor would look like and why it isneeded. We reached 1,000 signatures for the support of the minor at Texas A&M University and Dean Jose Luis Bermudez gave us his support. The Latino and Mexican American Studies minor will be active in spring  2014! We need 40 students to enroll so if your interested please contact your advisor. Thank  you!


We have a new website!

Find us at cmsatamu.wix/dreams!

You can also follow us on Facebook!

And like us on Instagram and Twitter: CMSAAgs

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